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struggling with an injury - story and advice!


Hey everyone! In some previous blog posts, I mentioned that I’m struggling with an injury to my drawing arm. Although I hoped that the problem would have totally gone away after more than a month of rest, it actually hasn’t, and I’m still struggling with it at this very moment. It’s actually been harder emotionally than it has physically. I’ve decided to go ahead and write a blog entry about it, not only to keep my followers in the loop but also as a cautionary tale to any artists out there who have not yet sustained an injury. If I had been more aware of the risks, maybe this would never have happened to me, so the very least I can do is try to help those who aren’t aware of the risks.

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A reminder to myself and for all other artists and creative people out there.

It’s so easy for us to get stuck in and completely immersed in to a piece of work, but we have to be careful not to burn ourselves out. Working non-stop late into the night, skipping meals, foregoing sleep, etc. is not really giving our best if later down the line our bodies won’t let us do what we want to do anymore.

The sooner we are aware of our limits, and the sooner we mature and adapt this notion into our daily lives, the sooner we can become better artists.

Thunder, and a Lightning-shaped Scar

It’s been a bad drawing sort-of morning.

Woke up. Did my morning warm-up gestures and exercises. Had breakfast. Sat down, ready for a productive morning.

So much for that.

Started re-reading the Harry Potter books the other night. Harry’s arrived at Hogwarts and is about to be sorted.

Just made lunch. It’s thundering outside. This kind of weather makes me want to just sit with a good book and a cup of coffee.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

So, instead of working this morning I’ve been sitting at my desk admiring the work of, Paula Rusu.

And feeling inspired.

Paula is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania.

"I love everything beautiful and I seek for it day by day, whether it’s in people, music, design and illustrations I look at or make. I strive to become better and better at what I do and can’t think of doing anything else with my time."

These’s just something satisfyingly complex about the simple lines and shapes of her work. I think this is something I’ve always tried to achieve, and is something I’m still working at.

See more of her amazing stuff on her site: Paula Rusu - Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Catch Up and Inspiration

Had a pretty inspiring day, today, helping out an old friend and amazing artist on one of his current commissions. 

It was just great to catch up and to actually have someone I can talk to about art, illustration and typography. We also talked a lot about old times; I’ve known this guy for so long. We basically grew up together and actually still hold very similar interests despite not having seen each other in a number of years.

Check out his website: Nuts and Seeds Illustration, and his Facebook Page.

I need to do more of this in the future.